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At the edge of magik
KELTORIA  -  They all live, drink and play their frantic music in the heart of the Knockmealdown Mountains of South Tipperary, Ireland (which, if you’ve never been there, is a magical, rainbow covered least when its not howling a gale.......). But WHO ARE THEY ?  Click the pics to visit the crew
An unknown human is the composer and performer of all of Keltoria’s music,..........together with a bunch of imaginary friends.............
There’s WhiteRaven - A Celtic minstrel/warrior/wizard and descendant of the Tuatha De Dannan. An enigmatic, silent and sometimes solitary fellow. He plays flute
There’s Kulchi......a Hobgoblin we came across, drunk and up to mischief  on the mountain. He likes to play the bodhran, drink potcheen and ride wolves
Theres Bannan. A slightly fed-up Banshee who plays the fiddle like....well, like only a Banshee could I suppose
And now, we are thrilled to introduce Raven, our new “musical director”. A shapeshifting, celtic warrior with a hint of gothic style. She has a sword.....we do what she says !
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Bannan the Banshee
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