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At the edge of magik
Can the tiniest of seeds really threaten your freedom and the future of life as we know it?

Brandon Wolfe knows they can and when his beautiful Knockmealdown mountains are selected as a site to trial these new crops in Ireland, he knows he has to stop it……for every one’s sake.

But how can a 14 year old boy stand in the way of multinational corporations seeking world domination, or intellectually inept politicians and morally corrupt scientists intent on imposing their will and making a quick fortune ?

Well, Brandon is no ordinary boy. He has a gift. He can enter the “thin places” that connect his beloved mountains with “other worlds”. Worlds where ancient, mystical beings dwell. Leprechauns and Spriggans, Banshees and Shapeshifters, Hobgoblins, mythical Celtic warriors and the mystical Keltoria. Beings who understand nature, who are part of nature.

Together with these unusual friends and with the help of his sister Aurora, a “hedgewitch in training”, he embarks on adventures to incredible places. Seeking the help of fantastical creatures and bringing together ancient tribes to battle the darkness that threatens his home, this is the tale of a quest to destroy these……………..Seeds for the Reaper.
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